10 Bizarre Martian Reports From The Past

It may seem that the whole UFO craze began with the crash at Roswell, but newspapers have been talking about the possibility of aliens, specifically Martians, long before that. People in the early 1900s began speculating about contact with our neighbor planet and tried to determine how Martians might actually look, given the clues scientists had about the atmosphere and conditions of Mars. By the 1950s, belief in Martians turned to actual sightings and interactions with these beings, leaving people curious, excited, and above all, scared out of their wits.

10. The Martian Message

In December 1900, a beam of light was seen coming from the planet Mars. The light was observed by the Lowell Observatory in the US, and newspapers around the world began to report on the possibility of Martian contact.

Nikola Tesla himself believed that communication with Martians was possible and dedicated 50 years of his life to the endeavor. As far as he was concerned, this particular beam of light proved that there was indeed life on Mars. Furthermore, many people felt that the beam was an invitation to join in on some “interplanetary telegraphy.”

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