10 Deadliest Assassin Organizations In History

9. Werwolf


The Werwolves were a group of around 5,000 volunteers selected from the most promising members of Hitler Youth and the Waffen SS. They were trained in sabotage and silent killing then were left behind in territories taken from Nazi control and placed in Allied hands. While there are a few, sporadic reports of Werwolf cells being effective, they were, for the most part, crippled by many of the same problems that plagued the mainstream Nazi armies at the end of the war.

In the spring of 1945, there were a rash of assassinations of civil officials and Allied-appointed mayors in towns once held by German forces. The most famous was the assassination of Franz Oppenhoff, appointed head of Aachen. Officially called Operation Carnival, the assassins disguised themselves as downed German pilots to get close enough to Aachen’s mayor to shoot and kill him.

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