10 Insane Names Parents Tried To Give Their Kids

There’s nothing wrong with giving a child a unique and interesting name. But future parents, take note: Don’t settle on the brilliant choice that popped into your head at 2:30 in the morning, a half-hour after giving birth. Take a moment to make sure that you do not actually hate your child and aren’t about to saddle him or her with a moniker that will get them mocked and beaten up for the rest of their lives.

A helpful tip: If an actual judge steps in and says “nope,” you may be just as irresponsible—not to mention weird—as the parents who tried to visit the following travesties on their kids.

10.Preacher And Cyanide

In 2016, a Welsh single mother ended up in court after social workers became aware of an extremely poor choice she had recently made. The woman had twins, a boy and a girl, with three older half-siblings. This mother also had a long and troubled history with drugs, mental illness, and abusive relationships. It was not any of these things that prompted the social workers to haul her in front of a judge, however. It was the fact that she had named her baby boy “Preacher” and her baby girl “Cyanide.”

Preacher is certainly a very odd choice. But it was Cyanide that really jumped out at the judge, who forced the mother to explain why on Earth she would name her daughter after one of the world’s most notorious poisons. She explained that she chose it because it sounded pretty and because it killed Hitler and Goebbels, which she thought was great.

The judge ruled that this must be the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever said and that the twins’ siblings should choose the twins’ names. While “Preacher” was not found to be objectionable so much as just odd, the judge basically revoked the woman’s right to name any more kids or to care for them. All five of her children are currently in foster care.

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