10 Lesser-Known American Mysteries

Throughout the history of the United States, a lot of weird and bizarre things have happened. We’ve all heard of Roswell, Bigfoot, and even the Zodiac Killer. On the other hand, do you remember reading about the mysterious Dighton Rock, the fearful Momo, or the unsolved Gypsy Hill Murders?

To find out more about these odd enigmas, read on to discover some of America’s more interesting yet less famous mysteries.

10. Henry Starr And The Stevens County Treasure

Of the many famous outlaws who roamed and terrorized the Wild West, Henry Starr stands out as one of the most interesting, yet few people today remember him. From a young age, Henry was exposed to a life of crime in his native Oklahoma. The so-called “Cherokee Bad Boy” was the last in a long line of thieves and criminals, which also included the famed Belle Starr, one of his close relatives. He began his career as a small-time bandit by stealing and taking horses, eventually escalating to murder when he gunned down a Deputy US Marshal in 1892. He was imprisoned for these crimes but later released on a technicality.

Starr returned to his criminal ways after his release, eventually deciding to take up the highly profitable pursuit of bank robbing. He wound up in jail a few times, but he went on to hold up around 20 banks in the early 1900s, expanding his criminal ventures into Kansas and Arkansas. This would end badly for Starr—he was blasted through the chest with a shotgun during one bank heist in Harrison, Arkansas.

During his long run as a criminal, he claimed to have stolen over $60,000 by the time of his death in 1921. None of this is a mystery, though—the real mystery pertains to the large stash of loot he supposedly buried somewhere near the Cimarron River in Stevens County, Kansas. Starr reportedly told others that he hid his secret cache in a spot where nobody would find it “in a million years.” So far, no one has come forward with the loot in the 95 years since the outlaw’s death, so maybe his prediction will stay true.

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