10 Places With Morbid Names

Certain places in the world may own morbid or dismal names, but many of them do not have substantial or intriguing stories that accompany their origin. These ten places (in no particular order) surely do, as each one got its name for a reason. Whether these places have been this way for hundreds of years, or time has changed them for better or worse, I hope their tales will captivate you as they have me.

10. The Skeleton Coast Namibia

Nam Skeleton Main

The rusted, dilapidated remnants of hulking ships, recent and ancient, litter this stretch of coast in this southwestern African nation, which the Namibian Bushmen called, “The Land God Made in Anger”. Many are covered by the sands of time – only their bows can be seen jutting through sandbars, while others are completely unseen, buried in their sandy graves. Punishing winds and currents, rocks, and fog have resulted in the demise of many ocean vessels throughout time, as well as multiple marine animals such as whales, whose bleached bones can be found intermingled with decaying hulls, and for which the coast gets its name.

Countless shipwrecked sailors came face to face with death here. If they were “fortunate” enough to avoid drowning and make it to land, they were greeted with an arid, salty wasteland of massive sand dunes that extended for a hundred miles inland with no opportunity for finding sustenance. Eventually, they would perish from thirst or exposure. Although the area is slightly more accessible today, it is still very remote and notorious, and ships go out of their way to stay farther out to sea when passing by it.

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