10 Real-Life Ghost Ships No One Can Explain

Ghost ships aren’t always as scary as they first sound; they usually refer to real, physical ships out at sea without any crew. Sometimes they’re boats in transit that broke free of their restraints, and sometimes they sustain so much damage that the crew lost confidence and abandoned ship, appearing on-shore alive and well later on.

There are some, however, which are found empty and their crew totally unaccounted for. Here are 10 ships with strange disappearances, still-missing crew, and unexplained circumstances.

10. The Ocean Wave

The story behind the Ocean Wave was supposed to be a warm one. Artist Bas Jan Ader set a three-part performance around the ship; first, he would be sent off by a student choir singing shanties to a piano. Then he’d sail from Cape Cod to Falmouth in England in a craft only 4 meters (12 ft) in length. When he would arrive 8–10 weeks later, he’d sing the ending to the song to finish the performance. The problem was, he never arrived in England.

His boat was found floating by itself, without a trace of Bas Jan Ader within. People speculated that a rogue wave took him, or that he became disorientated and fell in, or even that the whole performance piece was a mask for his own suicide. Either way, Bas Jan Ader was never found again.

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