10 Shocking Events That Happened At Conventions

Guns, video games, fur fetishes, religion, and more. If it can draw a crowd, then there is a convention or conference that caters to it. However, when thousands of people with varying social skills and clashing sensibilities gather at a convention center, the events can be unexpected and downright shocking.

10. Impatient Driver Treats ZombieWalkers Like Real Zombies

Although never officially part of Comic-Con, the ZombieWalk, in which hundreds of people in zombie costumes parade down the convention center street, had been held side by side with the comic book event for eight years without incident or complaint. In 2014, however, the ZombieWalk was canceled after Matthew Pocci plowed his car through a group of people, injuring one woman so severely that her arm was nearly detached.

Pocci claimed that he only drove through the crowd after they attacked his car. But video of the event showed that the people only started hitting his car once he started driving through the crowd. Shortly before Pocci started running people down, one person could be seen sitting on the hood of Pocci’s car as he pushed the car through the crowd.

A judge ruled that such an occurrence wasn’t a good enough excuse to risk killing a group of people and found Pocci guilty of felony reckless driving.

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