10 Strange Tales Of Subterranean Civilization

For many people, the thought of something lurking in the dark, cavernous depths of the Earth is both thrilling and terrifying. While science might find civilizations and sprawling cities to be an unlikely development below ground, that hasn’t stopped plenty of modern myths and tales from sprouting up. If you count yourself among those enthralled with the possibility of a world below the surface, take a moment to read about some of the more fascinating and otherworldly tales surrounding other realms that might dwell within our own.

10. Underworld Nazis

One strange tale involves the infamous and genocidal Nazi regime of Germany during World War II. Maps supposedly dating from this time period detail Nazi expeditions to the center of the Earth via the extreme South Seas, particularly the Antarctic region. According to the story, a German U-boat made the journey and sent a letter with plans to colonize the Hollow Earth (more on that in a moment) for the glory of the Nazi party and its thousand-year Reich.

Of course, the idea that members of the Third Reich, perhaps even Hitler himself, still living in the depths of the Earth is pretty out there. Unsurprisingly, there’s a pretty big hole in their story—how could anyone, let alone a German U-boat captain from the 1940s, send a letter from the center of the Earth in the first place?

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