10 Surprising Discoveries Involving Ancient Pottery


8. The Visigoth Takeover


In Northeastern Bulgaria, Visigoth pottery told a grim story. In the fourth century, Rome extended a helping hand when the Germanic tribes fled from the Huns. Allowing the refugees to settle near their fort, today known as Kovachevska Kale, was a decision the Romans would come to regret.

Visigoths made distinctive ceramics, dark gray creations molded from high-quality clay. The sheer number discovered at the site told of a mass arrival of goths—ousting, in turn, the locals. A granary inside Kovachevska might’ve sparked its destruction. Food scarcity caused open warfare between the Visigoths and their Roman benefactors. Fire damage show the invaders won and torched the fort at one point. Afterward, the goths squatted between the ruins. Researchers made the conclusion based on 87 percent of Kovachevska pottery excavated since 1990 being gothic.

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