Top 10 Holidays that will Kill You

Does the prospect of a sunny Florida beach bore you? Are you looking for the thrill of the chase – or of being chased through unfamiliar streets? Ever wanted to see armed soldiers walking down the street? For the adrenaline-seeker or the outright foolish, some destinations must seem irresistible. After all, you’ll be able to put on your resume that you’ve escaped from an armed mob, if you manage it. For the armchair adventurer, here are the top ten holidays that will kill you, and how you’re most likely to die at each location.

10. Libya

Transport Libya

With the stunning city ruins from both Roman days and Greek (Sabratha, Leptis Magna, and Cyrene) being just three of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, the draw of this country mainly relates to tourism. Baths, the theater, a temple to Zeus and more are in incredible condition, mainly because nobody visits them. Why? Well, the armed conflict, militia from several different sides, and public unrest doesn’t help the tourism industry. You’ll probably die from getting caught in the crossfire during a flareup of tribal violence or military conflict in the area.

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