Top 10 Mythical Places You Want To Live In

Are you tired of the boring day to day aspects of life? Do you want something new and exciting? Then these are the ten places you want to live. They are all places that have come from fiction and each one has a special something to make life interesting and enjoyable. This list is in no particular order.

10. Camelot

Reason for living here: King Arthur lives here and you can joust all day long!

Camelot comes from legendary British tales of King Arthur – who may, or may not, have been real. In Camelot we find Arthur’s famous round table where his knights get to sit around like equals and have a few beers while they discuss their latest knightly conquests. Camelot is surrounded by forests and rivers, so you can get in a spot of fishing and hunting if it floats your boat. Justice and peace reign in Camelot. Oh – and the ultra-hot (in a medieval way) Guinevere lives there too!

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