Top Ten Signs You Are Not a City Person

It’s very easy to recognize someone who doesn’t quite have city life down. The city is definitely a beast that requires careful examination and acquaintanceship before you just up and mount the thing. For those who ride the beast as per a daily routine, the interface is smooth, but for those who stare with a cocked head at it for too long, might very well get sucked up by its invisible mystique. For the former, the easily-overwhelmed latter can’t be missed, and here are ten signs that the bearers of such perpetually-tilted heads are in fact not from the city.

10. Crosswalks

Tokyo Crosswalk

Sign: You Wait For the Crosswalk.

Everything is neat and orderly in the outer-lying suburbs. You are used to things like school zones and crossing guards and courteous drivers, whatever those are. In the city, it’s every man for himself. You will see that to be 100% the case as a blind man attempts to cross the street by himself, while oncoming traffic just barely misses decapitating him as soon as the crosswalk signal turns red (true story). Patience is not a virtue in the city, it’s a rare ore that might as well be imaginary. Everyone is in way too big of a hurry to not believe in traffic law anarchy.

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